Saturday, 25 July 2009

Henley Fringe Festival Day 6/7

Well here I am having my customary nap before rollering up - my hair not a joint!!

Last night was lots of fun!

It started with Penny's arrival & boy was I glad to have a friend around when things started to go tits up! We hadn't even had a drink!No sooner had Penny settled into the digs than Leigh called to say he had missed the plan A train AND the plan B train (London comes to stand in torrential rain!) & at one point we were going to be 30 mins late starting but a plan C meant we were just 5 mins late in the end, which was quite amazing!!

I love having spies in the audience as I know afterwards what people ate thinking/ saying & it seemed to be all good.

Supper last night had been very lovely, Rory was huge fun poor Michael must have felt like a spare part! But true to his promise Michael came to see the show again & brought friends with him. Pen, Leigh and I popped over to the Rose and Crown for a swift drink before supper to say hello and then we ended up having a curry with him which he insisted on buying. It transpires that he was widowed before Christmas last year and I suspect quite lonely. He is lovely company and very witty, talks about his family and of course "Molly" his cat. But I was feeling a little awkward as it felt like he had become clingy.... I was reassured by Pen it wasn't my imagination! Now what was I going to do! He wanted to meet up today and we said we didn't know quite how the day was going to take us so he wasn't to worry if we weren't at the pub at lunchtime.

Penny had warned me that she snored... and I am pleased to report that the ear plugs worked in the main and I was only slightly exhausted. Classically having surfaced from the night before, and faffed around we hit the town.... and the Sales! And possibly the most important meal of the week.... FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST!! Yeah! So we (Penny & I) went to the "Buenido".... we didn't set out for this establishment but it looked lovely from outside and it was packed (always a good sign! Unlike my shows!) so a I stalked for a while and pounced on a perfect table by the window. It was a perfect English Breakfast...... so much so Penny took a photograph of the full plate and then of the empty plate! Double Yeah!!

Heading off for a walk in the vague possibility that it might burn off the 1,000's of calories that we have just consumed.... NOT! But it was worth a try. We got about 600yards on from the canal... sorry, Thames! And sat down for a chat! The buggies coming past seemed to think it was the Lamond Race Track! And those double buggies... ooofff..... watch out... I was nearly joining the Canada Geese!?

Well Penny was safely placed on the 1324 train to Twyford and then Paddington I started to feel guilty that I didn't speak to Michael at the pub this afternoon & feel terrible. He told me last night that Rory was married so suspicians confirmed! All the best ones are always taken!!! Back to the drawing board. And my intial thoughts that he was trying to play "Fairy Godmother" were quickly disappearing It would appear true to my song "Where on the World is My Prince" that my current admirer is "old".....!! And when I got back to the digs he had rung to tell me (it was a message) that he was missing me!!!! Oh Dear ......., Penny was right!!! It just shows that being nice does not always pay! Now what was I going to do! I decided to ignore it...... actually what happened was that I just worried about it.

Just to wrap up last nights show (for those of you who are wondering?) I again had a small but beautifully formed audience who were very appreciative. I hope that I go out tonight with my biggest audience yet!?

Frank arrives later for my final show..... shame its all coming to an end but there are rumblings that are very unsatisfactory..... watch this space!

Til next time

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