Monday, 27 July 2009

And back to reality!

Ahhhh what a joy to return to the day job.... welcomed with a smile, open arms and an update on what had changed or happened over the week. A question/ interest about how my week had gone and a query after my well being and of course the best bit of all my pay cheque!

Ha! And then I woke up!

Barely a grunt when I arrived..... and the response to my questions about any updates I might need, was I'll tell you as we go along... which generally means, I'll be corrected and blamed when something goes wrong..... which could be anything from now to 6months+

How I have missed being the door mat. How I missed the witty banter and intelligent conversation the fact that until Friday of last week.... I hadn't even thought about the three letters that make my world the purgatory that can only be imagined by those not experiencing it direct!

The only mammal that gave me a huge welcome was the dog... waggy tail and all! Even kisses... without the lure of food... even that was a novelty!

And the best bit of all..... there's been another cock up on my money.... and guess who is not being paid this month and as the boss is on a fornights holiday there is no specific way of knowing when I might get paid. Life just gets better and better.

So let me see what's the cunning plan..... well that is the $64,000 question.....

Answers on a post card...... or alternatively, watch this space.

I have to say the idea of not returning is looking more and more likely, previously it was because they were paying my bills, now they aren't even doing that! So the incentive for going back on Thursday is................ ummmmmmmmm desperately trying to work that one out? Not!

Watch this space.


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