Thursday, 23 July 2009

Henley Fringe Day 3

Well I've just bumped into Maggie our lovely Landlady! Actually not entirely sure how that works but she certainly organizes the accommodation. She literally hailed me across the road! And then enthused about how amazing I was & how I needed a bigger audience & that it was terrible that last night I hadn't had one!!! She used so many adjectives I would blush here, but she also said I was like Shirley Bassey? What can I say - I suspect a law suite pending!!! ;-) but joking asside it really lifted my spirits.

Leigh went to see Harry Potter this afternoon but as my head & stomach were still churning I didn't think flashing lights & loud noise was good. So I went to bed again & later met up with friends. Anne and her Mum had travelled all the way from Newport and Swindon respectively, couldn't thank them enough. It was so lovley to see some friendly faces in the audiences.

I was disappointed with this show, still dropped words & even started a song again. Leigh was very generous but Im really angry with myself!!

Tomorrow will be better as I hope will I be.

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