Thursday, 23 July 2009

Henley Fringe Festival - Day 2

Day 2 at Henley. Yesterday I omitted to tell you I met my co-ordinator (the lady who was going to make sure everything ran smoothly, that I was happy & that the venue were happy) Angie was amazing! Efficient, organized & very lovely to boot. A retired teacher she is a musician too and she and her husband even invited us to use her piano for rehearsal, on Monday and Tuesday which was just amazing!

Sadly either something didn't agree with me at the curry house last night or I was about to start oinking! but I really wasn't well. Very out of sorts , with a head that felt like it was going to split. Believe me singing those big notes was painfull as I thought my head would go into space!

Lots of rest, rehearsal & flyering (some more cars) was the order of the day then off to the The Green Room. It was full of people for the other show........ None of whom intended on seeing my show! The out going company were late going up & back for the interval. And to boot they had changed the lights too. Great! To be fair, none of this was an issue. I was already resigned to not going up on time so other bits to sort were minor & my lighting chap was all over it! Good lad that he is!

Sadly my painful head caused me to loose a few words here and there but I performed inspite of my bursting head & was in mighty fine voice - if I say so myself! Which is a terribly bold statement & possibly the kiss of death! But I got through it and all to a small but perfectly formed audience.

I think I will sleep well tonight!

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