Saturday, 5 September 2009

And another Audition.

Well that last audition was a close run thing apparently - but not so close that I got the job! But they liked me & want to keep in touch! Hooray.

Since then I've had "words" with the agent. Words like "I'm dissappointed" & "feeling neglected" & "why haven't I ever had a job from you in 3 years but get 85% of the jobs I put myself up for" not forgetting the "why did you leave my Spotlight page half crossed out & incomplete?" this because I didn't respond fast enough to a telephone message that simply said "call me". What I wanted to say was quite different to what came out of my mouth - ever the lady. The out comes were no apologies, the ubiquitous - your photos are terrible & a week later a very lucrative commercial casting! Now was that so difficult & why couldn't they have done something sooner!!

I haven't heard from the casting yet but the chap I auditioned with seems to think the Director liked me! I was too busy working out lines in my head to notice what the casting team were doing but I'll keep you posted.

The other news is I am happy to say, that far from being "blown out" by my date he seems to expect to be around in November as he's the 1st to have bought tickets to the new cabaret. We didn't manage to catch up this weekend - got blown out in favour of family - as long as that's not a nubile 21 year old from a dating site alls fine. But 30 mins ago I got a welcome invite to supper & have gone from "sloppy joe" to "glamour puss" in 30 mins flat.... Something of a miracle by anyones standards!

Happy Weekend!