Friday, 24 July 2009

Henley Fringe Festival - Day 5/6

Rain. Rain, go away come again .... when I haven't got tickets to sell!!

Stuck in the house in the middle of a massive thunderstorm waiting for the washing machine to finish!

Hey ho! The Glamorous Life ......

Yesterday? Hummmm where shall I start? It was an uncivilised early start. But more on that when there is something to tell!

Having got back to Henley I needed food & a quick turn around to see my friend Gerri's show at the town hall. The amazing story of Dorothy Squires is beautifully done. And deserves a bigger audience...... such a shame there were so few there but I am beginning to think there is a specific nack to this marketing business, which is specific to Fringe Festivals!!

Another show last night, loved by all apparently. There was a review in Henley Evening Standard who didn't say much to encourage people to see the show which is a shame! We'll see what happens tonight.

I made some new friends whilst I was flyering and was taken out for supper last night. It was a lovely treat & great company. For the first time in a while I met a very lovely ex-banker (maybe that's why!) he's in the training business now. I also suspect he's married. Shame! ;-) The other gentleman is retired but I don't know from what. He bought me a box of biscuits as a gift................ my hips are thrilled! :-)

Well the showers have stopped & so has the washing machine ........ Back to flyering.

Wish me luck.

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