Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Don't Fall Over But I Swear Its An Audition!

North London. 330pm. 16 lines of script to a camera.

It's not glamorous, it's not fun & it generally takes 3 hours to get there & 3 seconds in the studio. And so it was with this one. 3 trains, 3 hours & 3 seconds & as I am such a lucky girl when I got to reception I had another 300 stairs to get to the studio! A beautiful Victorian building with it's brick walls, wood floors, large spacious rooms, tiny little corridors & wonky stairways!! This building at 35 Britania Row belongs to the drumer of Pink Floyd. It was originally their recording studio. Which explains the "Another brick in the Wall" inscription above the door!

So having followed meekly behind the Producer & his Assisstant we finally arrived at the studio. The clue was the camera in the centre of the room with the script sellotaped to the tripod - oh the glamour. I walked into the room feeling ever so slightly pink - not a good look for camera work & in an attempt to reduce my colour I tried delay tactics. So of the 3 minutes in the studio 2.5 of them are me trying to look a normal colouring & 30 seconds was the filming bit & taking direction. What can I say .... I'm not holding my breath, but how cool would it be to get a TV gig........ Watch this space or Sky TV!!

So having thanked them for their time & made some comment about how easy the journey was I left them both with smiles on their faces.

And this is where it all gets exciting. Turning back towards the train station there are suddenly blue flashing lights all over the place. A silver police car screetches to a stand having swung itself sideways across two lanes of traffic. Blue & white tickertape is attached to another police car & a shop whose shutters have been dropped! A "youth" is being dragged to his feet and marched towards a white unmarked van. As I continue to walk past all the "action" with police standing in lines facing the public & away from the action I pass someone/ Joe Public talking animatedly into the phone saying that "someone has just been Tazered by the Police". Well at that point the white van drove past with lights & sirens so he must have been VERY dangerous to warrent that kind of treatment!

All I can say is I hope going to East London tomorrow night is less eventful ......... wish me luck......

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